John Sinclair

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---------------------------------{And he hasn’t changed a bit!!}-----------------------------

John Sinclair has been a professional musician since the age of 15, perhaps most significantly having spent most of his last 17 years in the business as keyboard player for Ozzy Osbourne {between 1986 and 2003}.

He started learning classical piano at the age of 5 and now at age 58 {and in his own words} "I should have some idea about what I'm doing by now!".

After making a solo album at the age of 19 with the now defunct Penny Farthing record label he went on to play with many bands including The Heavy Metal Kids on Mickey Most's RAK record label, recorded with artists including Status Quo and Suzy Quatro, and after being voted among the top 10 rock keyboard players in the UK, moved to Los Angeles in 1976 with a band called Lion. Apart from recording the Lion album, he went on to undertake session work with Jefferson Starship, Eddy Money, Rex Smith, The Outlaws, and The Babies, and in 1980 appeared in the pilot and played on The Black Album for the now infamous Spinal Tap.

In 1981 he joined veteran heavy rock band Uriah Heep and as well as 5 years of extensive world touring recorded 3 albums namely “Abominog”, “Head First” and “Equator”. In 1986 he joined Ozzy’s band and toured and recorded with him apart from a brief stint with the Cult {for about a year} in 1990, during which time he appeared on the live Cult album. His recording and co-writing credits with Ozzy include "No Rest for the Wicked"{1987}, "No More Tears"{1990} and the more recent Japanese "Live at the Budokan" CD/DVD {2002}. He finally quit the road in July 2003 to settle in the Highlands and act a bit more like a man of 50!!

When not away on various projects which take him round Scotland, he is enjoying his autumn years writing and recording music in his studio at home, and fighting off midgies which he insists “Hate me ‘cos I’m English!”.

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