Since retiring from the professional rock music business in 2003, I have been working with the young clients of Moray Youth Justice, the Highland Carers, the Highland Homeless Trust, Inverness Youth Action Team, the Wild2 project in Glenlivet , the participants at the Careers Scotland Summer Rock School projects, presented Job Centre Plus motivational sessions and have facilitated many of my own workshops. As such, I have seen first hand the transformation that takes place when people of all ages are given an objective and are actively encouraged.
As a qualified therapist, I am naturally interested in the human condition, and particularly interested in what happens around the adolescent stage of development. This appears to be the time when our awareness of limitations, combined with external criticism and {perhaps most significantly} negative self talk kicks in hardest.

It is my experience that once established, for many this resulting low sense of self can be difficult to shake off. Encouragement and support can work though.
One of the most significant conclusions I have arrived at is the fact that everyone has something to offer in one way or another, the options merely need to be explored.
Most of us love music, be it by Celine Dion or Black Sabbath, so it is not only a universal language, but also a great motivational platform.

TO SUMMARISE {and to go one step further}, I have never known a compulsive drug or alcohol user with high self-esteem. It naturally follows that any process that enhances that feeling of having “something to offer” will surely reflect positively in reducing the ever-increasing reliance on drugs and alcohol {an effect I have personally witnessed}.


I am a firm believer that encouragement and support are more effective than prohibition and punishment. These “youngsters of today” did not land en masse in a flying saucer from an evil planet. They were born into an increasingly cold and indifferent world, thus being easily driven {and often resorting} to making irrational choices to establish some sense of self-worth. This is then aggravated {in my opinion} by flawed thinking in our society that spends too much time and money devising new ways to restrict and punish, and too little providing platforms for creativity and self expression.

In a nutshell, I aim to provide a musical environment that enhances these essential life skills:
Motivation. Communication. Determination. Self-worth.
{John Sinclair Dip. CAH PNLP Cert. Hyp. {NGH} M. NCH {Lic.} {June 2008}